To support regular day-to-day activity, proper electrical access, and function in a house are extremely necessary. People require power for entertainment, security, cooking, lights, and much more. However, while a lot of these can be wired to run on a single circuit, there are a couple of electrical appliances that need to be placed on a dedicated single circuit.  

Before you look for electrician companies Sherwood Park to install electrical circuits for you, here are vital things you should know: 

Dedicated Circuits 

First of all, what is a dedicated circuit? For those who don’t know, it is a circuit that is totally dedicated to powering one electrical application or appliance. It has a single duty. It also has a dedicated place on the breaker box where it is totally separated from interacting with other outlets and circuits in the house. This is mainly a security and a functionality feature for your home. 

You need to utilize a dedicated circuit for any appliance that requires huge amounts of power on a constant basis. This includes HVAC, fridges, and much more. Aside from that, you will also need a dedicated circuit for appliances that pull a heavy or sudden draw. This includes microwaves, hairdryers, and much more.  

Importance of Dedicated Circuits 

Of course, I can be a bit of a trouble to go through all of the effort to have a dedicated circuit for every single one of appliances of have. However, it is extremely crucial. Make sure that the right appliances are on a dedicated circuit can avoid a lot of popular electrical risks. This will help keep your home and your family safe. Aside from that, it is also required in the standardized NEC safety codes. You can avoid several issues if you use dedicated circuits. This includes: 

  • Risks of electrical shock 
  • Appliance damage 
  • Possible home fires 
  • Breaker trips 
  • Flickering lights 

Appliances That Require a Dedicated Circuit 

One general rule that you can follow is that any appliance that is fixed requires a dedicated circuit. A fixed appliance means that it is installed and can’t be moved around. These types of appliances include: 

  • Plasma TV 
  • Microwaves 
  • Sump Pump Systems 
  • Hot Water Heaters 
  • Ranges, Stoves, and Ovens 
  • Cooling and heating systems 
  • Standing freezers and refrigerators 

This is an excellent baseline to follow. But, the truth is that there are a lot of mobile and smaller items that also requires a dedicated circuit. This includes: 

  • Toasters 
  • Hairdryers 
  • Window air conditioners 
  • Portable space heaters 
  • And much more 

Professionals usually suggest that a “general use” dedicated circuit should be installed in a lot of rooms across your house due to the need for dedicated circuits for smaller appliances. For instance, a general use outlet in a bathroom enables the safe use of hairdryers if you need it. On the other hand, a dedicated outlet in the living room enables plugging in a space heater.  

Make sure you hire a professional electrician to know more about dedicated circuits and if you need one in your home.