To The Casino I Go

Now I want it Not officially It’s a game I won for everything enjoy yet at 1,250 bucks Nerado that really sticks out really Harris hey, everyone Bring it out if you went here today Good lucky Try and get my total subscribers back they lost You know how go so spike then I got match Via these first six outs three of these four to going six thousand red seven is 200 on the first one or a few less 7404 Will 100 first one three one three Greens for you for going green free Guys with me gotta be Big booms lie, man, big boobs a rope right, bro Very well, you know a bankroll of $700 so let’s see. How’s it going thousand hundred dollars first pie privately first hungry ice baked boom Jenny coming Stev it’s rough. It’s Phil Davis my snowflake And thanks me it’s a paradox time by fair game But hard in there okay on the first pin guys I let you dribble There one like about a sir to do it take bones come and I want to get through Easy-peasy One lie already gave me for $4 items In blue that’s warmer guys Baby booms coming get through the triple strikes.

In many ways, sg online casino games are the same as the ones you play in land based casinos in Singapore. But some people don’t like to play real money casino by Casinoslots. You can find many reasons not to play at online casinos. But even if you prefer playing live you can use online play to improve your results. Most of these tips involve the games that require strategy. In these casino games if you play a certain way it lowers the house edge and improves your results.

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I was Richter Three bar stirring it up dying it up Let the light go up come up the lights go up no Boom boom incoming let’s go guys dojo vocal ensemble Vigilant Or join me tonight It’s a big boom guys nemanja man down come on My first hundred days First hundred no boom get this one to a bar here By one thing Copy with pensioner By Once my 50 guys Head down 400 to a 50 You got my money in there, there you go Thank sir give that my next thing Right now we’re trying to get Really? I’m Playing to coin I want this over $15,000 guys take that home Big booms incoming yeah, I was T of course for hours Roger FK, are you in come now like this? Alright this Well, they phone from jeff danker man There we go simple 4 times 3 is 12 Visible time we get like crazy Remember this on this Yeah, big backdrop present the Deaf I can do Bankage aunty welcome to Atlantis right here in Reno, Nevada I gotta say frankly room below Found out that I’m but Ripple’s Nay to That’s simply something Now 50 here One more the Brain seven one more shot at this one for $200 and I will That the boom-boom moved again guys the right girls the Hope Diamond strike no Only down and I go Don’t want I know tell me about it Your one-stop mistakes you got the stocks and you got the steaks come on Let’s get a picture boats fish it up Dr. Nigel, my friend Thangaraj Oh Yeah, where’s the machine doesn’t need triple triple triple here That again We’re gonna get it again you want me to play who was the one I hit throw 50 on back on the Harris – hell yeah The You’re right Aaron iturra sigh c’mon All right copier Down 200 from 17. So 1,500 Prove it.

Okay guys doing finally I think South the stakes with you guys Are lost am I subscriber? Because the thing about foreign place left not Real called it Okay, bye gong There’s also hair And one more one more 50 because if I faked my Jean I want 1250 on this place Well one more time Shoes that no and this is the third choice right here I wanna get these lights go on that this this We’re gonna try again one last time come on little hit Make my bundle demons I pray I pray with pray to read so much will strike us. Really Hit me baby one the same God by nature are you? That’s coming out Is 50p watching then thumbs up on this awesome game general diamond strike. Your mama’s gets little diamond strikes die What I’m right here right here I like that great.

It does give me 3/7, but they come on up I Thought I tried that’s right guys didn’t Go try another game guys run that pace for the wild plate Five thousand dollars that one Played the 5,400 row We’re out playing now again guys go Crazy There’s ever been double stop fries 5,000 for $12 There’s no Deborah. What’s up one for the pageant vibe now go guys – change of where my foot Make bomb dinkum guys Hi JFK toes If I gonna make them pay out for me I’d be happy Romance at blading seven. So let’s play this one first Wave or big booms tonight guys one two, three One two Great You want to get through some Oh We want to get to something double when I get to seven Neither Oh Hey 370 month Grammar that baby didn’t even remember. Ah There are peas as I didn’t repeat Thing it’s been greedy on me on my bye Like this old bill Walmart Oh, come on everything I go out there maintenance Bill’s don’t work him in that way money Ah about time Right again guys Right I have thank you sent me razor burn I tell you One seven seven seven boom boom of my room lights Ah right up there right up there what It’s cold air enjoy yet better I’ll go back to my own damn plate do it And mister you play white guy someone Nothing mine, too Find out where this thing goes Bangs OH We got stupid did Martha I ain’t gonna be free Who’s invested $50 investigate Oh how I play this but one line five lines down line 1520 so I bet one day or 10 bets Although I play game now Dude I win Yeah, I will Like don’t like me the amount of coal the dike Recommend Don’t work We got a Real fortune right now reason Oh Not my face I’m happy There we go I’d benefit Never mind guys tell me where Boom boom boom boom 500 go back one I’ve only 500 tickets Come on come on, let’s get that wheel of fortune. I already get the red-hot, dude Now Don’t burn burn come on Raise it girl come on God forbid money makes money is better wait Come on down.

Well, of course, you’re butchering me Remember medieval Roman phones got rocket this room. Come on Bo these room From bona fide room Boom goes back losses room Rome better than bamboo. Come on. It’ll go spin this big time Big money big money, you know where we then stop?

Make money is my seat fucking pocket rockets to my spinner Husband Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Oh Yeah And ask them for that now you’re playing thank you for losing Thank you for losing my god therapy They go poop in the pants Bingo money is this called wheel of fortune red white river and Gentlemen big turkey They have three of these birds Oh, yeah, please don’t go much out fat butt Traps A steak yum yum So I left last for our book I’m not winning here Hello in the back Yeah, we’re gonna lose just watch to tell me My appraiser – this out so long 33:5 big boom-boom my room a night You got poop stuff what do you think you are? It’s a poop top pooping the panties Harvard invested Lemon dipping with JFK. Let’s see that again boom boom boom with panties Oh, yeah Yeah Yep, I got a big hit Yeah, my my bad guys game on my back yeah, that’s right All right, my mattress laughs I’m gonna pick investor guys are investing 50 at a time, okay Oh, yeah go crazy Hey And that pennies Welcome to Mickey booms and Scott was a birthday a big boom.

Boom boom and the brains And again Binet, yeah That was your Richter, where are you ready for me? Then we’re gonna hit it guys Rosie Rosie Rosie Rosie Rosie Rosie Very wet a foot then I’m gonna hit it guys don’t want it go away and every branch that wind, please Make one just died Well, no mercy won’t pay nothing I’m getting some that’s our time, you know Mark Oh, yeah Yeah Casa baby out so long and thanks for playing Are those 625 more? Should I do what the FK does? This is how we slip and dip guys this is how we flip and dipping Okay these knickers, right And put it back in here We’re so glad you stopped by let’s have some fun Not running in here guys Nobody cash it out We hope to see you back here real soon $305 boom-boom-boom Tell me about it 300 plus Zack got my money right now I was only three 200 to almost 300 hours down almost you are No poop Bob Ewell says you’re playing iron. People say should stay home Alright I’ll do every office. Yeah, that’s awesome it Whose I begin to I hit this before Up I’m the link down there.

Well, Atlantis casino right in Reno, Nevada I’m going now Oh You got this there’s an arcade for under 21 Kid tell me again Black pants mash At this Hey, I’m super the ouch Am zipper then throw our keys dead Right in the head My inner Damn I broke his foot shitting me. Are you shitting me in rain break his feet Although that at home I’ll type everything for a large Batman Thank you, everybody hit that subscribe button and like my channel, please They want to see more of this Please subscribe my channel start to state the number one stop the state channel with slots and states together You Yeah boson stick show Never been zippers all soft mistakes But the lenses they go That’s Fine steaks. Excellent happy yeah That’s limited when they and son render through Sunday That’s right Boom boom boom. Peace out, man Boom boom, let’s take our room and my channel saw physics. I Was gonna have some thick ice We got this Razakars, you know restaurant scheduled for tomorrow That’s what so half my ticket That’s some on my back thank God I’m gonna say that I’m also gonna play that Google operate my triple diamond strike My favorite game to the hit 450 Now II know I get like Vaisakhi now Guys dragging me Right, what up I’ll try it five bucks on this thing They’re copy double sugar and then quickly I know that is loaded like this guy like a third eye Brenda Scott, I love you, brother Okay – two three four five civility time pay Not my car Okay, Jack prizes up grabs 80,000 Yeah Right right Hank Now that’s $9,000, let’s go guys let’s go put in bounds over 90 mins Babel Mendte Baby boom boom boom boom boom Playing 3/7 Water running walking time tea Somebody rabbim Now $10 Government my room It’s a bit Food yeah to a bar Revoir guy, I’m lucky today Boom boom boom boom and ligase does it All right, let’s go I Forgot my damn socks mistakes.

I can’t ignore these big big booms and I guys Tell your friends drilling the neighbor say mom dad Safest this this end and this We’re Brandon boom boom boom Thank You Christa Brandon a vandal Maybe a hundred bucks a 300 bucks for those steak All right, people say All right Give me a hashtag who tells me to stop this hotel and the hashtag who tells me let it go Who tells me to let it go? Who’s the Alpha me to stop it the more hashtags I get it is my answer They whimpers they stop all right next question I don’t know something. Oh I’ll feed the fuck works.

Yeah it out. You got I Was I investigate? Fifty-five dollars I can’t drive Not even 40 bucks 35 birthday parent That’s good enough for me I put it back in just for this bad boy in here You A platinum card. I’m not worth all that Alright what that case keep going You Now Thank you guys You tell your friend to keep this gun to my child. Stop mistakes.

I believe me. I’ll give you guys anything you want, but Michael You You So Scott’s birthday is tomorrow once I get Scott for his birthday I Won’t buy him a steak dinner, but that’s not enough Horrible Oh You along with me You I’ll wrap it back with all mine. Hello Roger You He’ll put my head You Yeah about Tell me about it Not without best Alright, let’s not again folks. Ah, we Oh help me was the moderator like to be a part of my life You You Desiree go guys 335 in the morning All right You Know what serve both travels we’re dumb up to Scotts finger games going goddess and shadow Well, we got go wild double diamond You That’s right, this is what I need to hit more often Brennan Vesta guys, you guys say too invested in order to hit We don’t say to invested that happened Rusty $20 JFK Andrew here goes Got my Platinum Card boom.

Boom. Boom Thanks for using your paradise time four four four angels The report So my god the so here Double Diamond guys So $15,000 $15,000. I am doing one penny Our five lines and 15 There we go again Support right here quarter. Oops 550 I forgot let the chain my bed. Okay I forgot to take Another 150 125 guys damn Steve on cash out.

I Got a stripper guys I’m doing the hot tonight 150 125 I Think I got my money back guys we think Turn 74 35 cast that baby out Boom boom boom turns and 4:35 in my room night. I Would let it change it to one penny and were the 25 cents You’re in charge of that guys Hard tonight the loose loose and my shoes At 3:40 fifteen PM viewers and for the five No When I was strong guys Lastic oops, that’s all then I’m gonna like monopoly Count them right? Don’t worry the security-guard little counting so I worry about So bad is not McDonald open right now eat 15:16 I’m at 1,600 guys down 8 8 hours left guys for shopping Down 80 bucks. Okay, I do it find that.

No machine. I’ll give me a hot dog vendor Thank you all for subscribing to my channel some steaks are thrown won’t get me started steaks today Denine, huh I lost 8 subscribers in two weeks because I’m not going to start machines and those ego last Anyone who lost not me You lost 8 of a subscribers cuz they weren’t patient Hey mama bear get their last mighty my game Down to the floor love it. Okay. Let’s check it out. Nice colors, huh? Hey favorites Boom-boom boom-boom and evil Now have you but feeling like inaudible yeah, I thought I get our There’s what everywhere what what Around They go into the morrow Well, I don’t know where that one person I find it I don’t play it On the end Plato’s gradual jump-start and stakes I Will make you hungry one of these days guys if you don’t and you wish you a Hard time Where the poker guys are in the poker right now Yeah, welcome to my coffee yeah, give my heart awesome attack if I if I be in it Why did I lose three more sub I’m not given drumming the quality entertainment Harold They all know was like Little time is right now This is what happens here I got four more presented until my battery shuts off Well, I’m going to guys that won’t go out here Throw out here I Didn’t get any subscribers guys any subscribers dad.

I don’t know super chat. Come on My name is no super tell me if I leave the casino and go somewhere else for a long time Let’s go out enjoy this nice weather I’m officially on vacation until Friday on to frag Know that, California I don’t want that how I lost so many subscribers then Well my flight I found like this I want a ship go this way Jane chef thrown through the wind As I play all right Peter you think I’m having a little bit on the Wi-Fi the desam on the payments away We’re gonna get laid nice I hear they buy some hose hose Way back dial them is anything So, what’s the scoop on j-money then he really hurt himself. How’s the scoop? Well some coffee This area is that am ia to t win The event no smoking there No one preacher know Alright, where’s that guy hate wanting to play his game bounce it? You show me that game I play now that Only to sleep with you What the hell I was looking for This kitty, let’s Jenny our alliance no lion So once again They gain any subscribers since I’ve been playing for two hours they gain any subscribers Question of the day However one gamers are played so Family Pew survey said I prefer to have them for What the Oliver Oh hot roast right here we go I know Well, if I don’t worry I have scouted it for me he knows I’m trying That’s market thing not that one You know I couldn’t do enjoy yet let alone I’m surprised I can’t even here We’re a dying link I’m looking for it. She’s acting anymore guys Ragland were dragging me Okay guys firstly what game is next on your list are you guys up or down right Stop their pain that pain wound again.

I will fortune There’s a fortune that one pan is getting repaid to the bars Well, I’m getting closer this when I played before Everybody that link after one more Hill this snow here still here All right, everybody, let’s play it one more time so I’m gonna play one time a quick 20 Okay, however, this game was good Hardly 50% but hurry up and play this That’s take money man 20,000 best guys running dollars invested Rayo go boom. Boom. Boom.

I’m flipping dip chef Caitie deaf case we We’re playing once again Sir look Let’s get this guy’s Nine a trampoline that’s good Everyone Alright I get that I’m gonna get half of that money without okay 9 mm – thank you Tom gage. How about a game that was made after you were born. Thank you Tom gates Let’s get let’s get the center to fight service Hello Japan, my friend welcome to our sponsons sakes show Ah I want more please Menu flambe for that wonderful turbojet. I’m 99 Know it’s why I invested They get vote shall we Boom-boom-boom in my room For a three one four red seven And I won though, thank you Are they happy with 8,000? Oh Coffee thank you for the coffee Oh Yes bagging that getting a couple of these from coffee Oh We’re glad nothing going on here You copy cold to remembered me do you give me a chance to up Sorry star bonus stream hype hum rendering They didn’t like my coffee publish no coffee Oh my god sweet that’s weak That’s really she is just copying her speak Try that again – a girl – dragon wink if I try to teach my mouth Go get her okay Dragon DJ. Okay, so many dragging I’ll find it As a run Christopher would say delicious It’s like warm mud and Michael a seditious coffee right there Burger pants Pocket I just say that Thank You paradise there, yes, okay I said All right Okay, okay, let’s get back to actually guys let’s find that one game you like My dad is about to die, I won’t play that as a fine, okay Dirty boy watch that mouth with soap hot water and soap Do me Where our that game everybody say Okay, I get quickly and charges phone Alright have my battery pack ready to go.

Oh Do you need oh Oh, yeah, you uh, give me good coffee. I’m Tip it up. Thank you Thank you, you’ll copy That was very good. Thank you. I got Malika See desserts that money okay.

Nice they spend it Whoa make money Make me hundred almost got me out to Richter or something for me Stripper You say the guys you see that Occur all books Rather I’m a bad guy Chad if I want more coffee Dragon lake world, I think Lumen Where is wrangling your buddy? Boom boom then coming Focus focus, ah, let’s focus guys I was looking for Boo me Do my foot Hi my love, well, it’s not resurrector that The battery it says guys it shit show I’m doing my best shit. So do I don’t see yes.

I started be fortune Already has a point that either guy I don’t I don’t know whether my moderators Out Soto’s, I don’t know where that went and my favorite guy So what I’m going to do I’m going to my room get my pack on and come back Well, I gotta find my I gotta go back to my room and get my battery pack, there’s two hours wrong guys – a turnout the hotel has a hell of a wrinkly Now that’s about it Oh that one sub back Finishing up on the floor. Hey guys Throw one thousand two hundred and fifty-two dollars to the four Yep This is part one of Atlantis. And now I’m going to a restream it Before it dies, so Yep Room door, please you got it.

I guess em percent battery for show. Yeah It’s not that bad I think Scott snoops better I’m in my room guys Welcome to my room It’s a small small room man. Yeah, the suite is um a spa in here nightlife and here I Got my beds here My big mirror mirror on the wall who the first off mommy yeah one so much they hey Big TV here boom boom.

My girlfriend’s room hat Nice David Joe boogers up no bathroom everybody love the bathroom. Don’t they? yes, nice, and or We call it shower like this outdoor shower And of course me, boo boo, boo my room Coffeemaker nice little for here That is their horrify you missed Here are you in for the Boomer? Probably edge woman Levi’s right hot-wiring invest will be temporary Oh We’re positive that thank you the So I’ll be cold hot anyways Alright Starts David. Yeah Yes, I have my my booster pack, right?