Most Popular Casino Bonuses Explained For New Players

We all love a good casino bonus, and as casinos become more diverse, the number of bonus types they have on offer has increased drastically. Those who are new to the casino might love receiving a bonus, but may also struggle to work out what each different type of bonus actually is. As always, we’re here to set you straight and explain what the most popular type of casino bonuses are, so you can work out which bonuses you’re looking for and get the most value from your casino.

Bonus Cash / Free Cash Free. Cash or bonus cash is simply a lump sum of cash given out by casinos. This cash usually comes tied to wagering requirements, and is then known as bonus cash. But it can also come completely free of wagering requirements, and is called free cash. Bonus cash can be used just like your normal casino funds, so you can play slots, casino table games or any other kind of game at your casino. However bonus cash comes with numerous restrictions on it, such as being unable to withdraw it before wagering requirements have been fulfilled, expiring after a period of time or potentially having caps on how much you can win on it. Remember to check the terms and conditions of each casino so you know what T&Cs; your bonus cash is subject to.

Deposit Matches. A deposit match is when a casino matches a percentage of any money you deposit. This money is nearly always in the form of bonus cash, so it comes tied with wagering requirements. Some casinos will give you free cash here, but at a much lower percentage payback. Deposit matches are the most popular welcome bonus that casinos will give out, offering players a percentage match on the first several deposits they make. This can be anything from 10% all the way to several hundred percent cash matches.

Free Spins / Free Goes. Free spins are pretty much what they sound like. A casino can offer players free spins to use on a selection of slots, or any of the slots at the casino. Each one of your free spins will have a wager value. Anything you win on any of your spins will be based on the wager value and any wagering requirements on your spins will be based on those total winnings. It is uncommon for free spins to come free of wagering requirements, but there are still a good number of casinos which offer totally free spins. There is another variant of free spins as well, called free goes. Free goes work the same way, but they’re to be used on games which don’t require you to spin; think table games like blackjack, or roulette.

Cash Rebate Loss or Win Cash rebates work the same way at the casino as they do in real life, you literally get money back from the casino. Casinoslots argues that rebates will usually work by a casino giving you cashback on your total wins or losses on specific games, during specific times.

For example, a casino might offer you a rebate on 10% of your total wins or losses that took place over the weekend. Cash rebates can occur on either wins or losses, with most casinos offering you a rebate on whichever came to the lowest total. Either way, they’re a nice way to get a little extra cash, or recoup some of your losses at the casino. The only caveat is the rebate cash nearly always comes with wagering requirements attached.

We hope our guide to casino bonuses have helped to you understand which rewards you need to look out for, to give you the best time at your online casinos.