Card Game – Tutorial Series

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is all about generating resources called Crystal Points or “CPs” in order to play cards on the field, use special abilities and defeat your opponent. There are 3 different types of cards you will use in Opus I: Backups, Forwards, and Summons. Let’s check those individually. Backups are used to generate resources and some of them have abilities too. Think of them as a support class.

The Forwards are your attackers, you can see their power level in the bottom right corner. As for Summons, they’re one-shot cards. You just pay their cost, use their ability and discard them. The card colour tells you its element and you can see the cost in the top left corner. For instance, this is a Fire Backup and you need two Crystal Points in order to play this card. Note that you always need at least one crystal of the same colour of the card when paying its cost.

So we’ve seen that in this game, in order to play cards or use abilities, you need to pay their cost and in order to pay that cost you need to generate Crystal Points. There are two ways to do this. You can either use a Backup and “dull” it, which is essentially rotating the card like that.

This gives you 1 Crystal Point of the element of the card. For instance, this is an Earth Backup, if I dull it I get 1 Earth Crystal. The other way to generate resources is to discard a card. You can discard any type of card, put it in the Break Zone and this gives you 2 Crystal Points of the card’s element. If you`re tired of cards, try Slots Magic casino review online slots in Canada. For instance, if I discard this Earth Backup, this gives me 2 Earth Crystals.

Now, we’ve seen all the basics, let’s play a couple turns! Ok so this is your play mat, this is essentially your battlefield. So there are different Zones, this is the Deck, this is where you put your deck obviously, like so. This is the Break Zone, the Break Zone is where you put your discarded cards or where you put your Forwards once they’ve been defeated or your Summons once you’ve used their abilities. Imagine a line here, this is where your Forwards go, this is where the Backups go.

And as for the Damage Zone, what happens in this game when you take a damage is that you flip a card over, like this and you put it in the Damage Zone. Once you have 7 here, you lost. Alright, shall we try a couple turns? OK! Let’s go. So a the beginning of the game, each player is gonna draw 5 cards.

And I’m gonna let you do the honours! Oh, thank you! ^^ 1 draw, and…discard one card, I bet on CrystallBall, and I won this. Oh that’s important.

So as you’ve seen Kageyama-san just played a Backup. Backups are always played in a “dull” state, this means you can’t use them the first turn. This is an important point. Ok, your turn.

My turn ok so I’m gonna draw 2 cards, and I’m gonna discard 1 Backup which is gonna give me 2 Fire Crystals and I’m gonna play this Backup, in a dull state. I am also gonna discard this Forward, that gives me 2 Fire Crystals and another Backup, that gives me another 2 Fire Crystals in order to play… Firion! So as you can see, I played it, not in a dull state, and the reason is that I still need to be able to block with it but this being said, I can’t attack the first turn so… your turn. OK. Important point, always put your cards that were dull back in an active state at the beginning of your turn. 2 draw.

I get 1 Crystal Point. OK. I play this. OK. And, I discard 1 card, I play this. So, 2 Crystal Points to play Barret which is 2 (cost). Your turn.

My turn, OK. So I’m gonna draw 2 cards… OK I have advice… Ha ha. Oh yes I always forget that’s absolutely true.

As we explained always put your cards that were dull back in active state, at the beginning of your turn. Alright, hmmm I’m gonna discard 1 Backup that gives me 2 Fire Crystals and I’m gonna dull this Backup to generate another Fire Crystal, so that’s 3 CPs, and I’m gonna play Brynhildr, I don’t know how to pronounce it, on… Barret. So it deals 7,000 damage and Barret is defeated. Yes. So as explained you put your cards in the Break Zone, Barret defeated and the Summon I just used.

Annnd, I’m gonna attack with Firion! Ok so I take it. So 1 point of damage, and… in the Damage Zone (not Break Zone… Jetlag fail #1 ^^). Alright, that was the basics, now let’s move into the specifics.