Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the more popular games at casinos. This is because it plays fasts, the rules are simple, and it is easy to determine the outcome. Also, because the game is solely between the dealer and the player, there are none of the inter-personal issues that must be dealt with in other games. This makes the game almost pure chance to onlookers, whereas players know that there is definite blackjack strategy at work. There are few simple strategies when it comes to the game, and using these strategies can make the difference between merely winning and doing well.

The most obvious blackjack strategy is to pay attention to the dealer’s hand. Most tables must either hit on 17 (labeled as H17) or stand on 17 (labeled as S17); an H17 table slightly favors the player. However, in either case, it still means that the dealer must hit at least a total of 16. If the player is keeping track and comparing hands, this means that he can increase his odds of winning by not worrying so much about hitting 21, but hoping that the dealer hits 14 or 15. If that happens, then odds are good that the dealer will lose the hand.

The ace is an important card for blackjack strategy. The card signals an opportunity for insurance, be it as a dealer’s card or as the player’s card in a blackjack. This allows the player to pick up a few extra dollars in a side bet. Although the bet is expected to lose, as the odds of the dealer hitting blackjack is less than one in three, but it can nonetheless help adjust variation. The card itself can be used as a one or an eleven, making it a card that allows a player to be a little aggressive. When it comes to a game that is as cool as blackjack, that aggressiveness can cost, so be aware of that.

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